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About Us

So nice to meet you! My name is Alex and I am here to serve you!


Our Mission Statement : Our mission is to increase mindfulness & wellness while catering to self care needs, inside & out. 


Our Vision Statement : to help people and businesses throughout the world elevate their self care by prioritizing their wellness. 


Going The Distance Stores (A Self Care Company) was birthed after trying to navigate through the craziness that was 2020 and realizing that now, more than ever, people need to be supported, cared for and celebrated!

The pandemic gave us all a rude awakening and I decided to help in any way that I could, whether it be tutoring, natural products and/or affordable clothing.  

After some soul searching, I decided that I wanted to do all of that and MORE! Not just any old products would do though…


I wanted to make something that would benefit all, so I made a list of what you will ALWAYS receive from us:

  • Top tier ingredients
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Hand-crafted batches
  • Quality & comfortable apparel
  • Safe and clean ingredients, including essential oils
  • Ethically sourced products
  • Beautifully fragranced and designed products

We are proud to offer handcrafted all natural skin care (body butters, body scrubs and face masks), room sprays, all natural soy wax candles, stylish and affordable apparel, and self care products that focus on making people their best, on the inside and outside.

It is our honor to infuse love and care into each of our products in order to pour into each of our customers so they can love, celebrate and focus on being their best self.

 We are committed to providing you with products that are quality, uplifting empowering and good for you. 


Wishing you all the peace, comfort and the good vibes!


With Love,

Alexandra Douglas
Owner – Going The Distance Stores (A Self Care Company)